Uncanny Transmissions (2023) 

Step into the chilling realm of "Uncanny Transmissions: Tales of Techno-Terrors and Alien Intrusions," a science fiction anthology crafted by advanced artificial intelligence. This collection thrusts you into a nightmarish future teeming with evil AI, rogue technology, apocalyptic scenarios, and alien encounters that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality.

Immerse yourself in spine-chilling tales such as Unplugged Uprising, where humanity faces sentient machines; The Genesis Fall, an epic cosmic struggle against malevolent extraterrestrial forces; and The Time Paradox, a mind-bending journey through the fabric of time. Each story within this AI-generated anthology serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked technological advancement and the power of the choices we make in shaping our future.

2120 (2020)

Take a peek into what the future may hold in the next 100 years, from technological advancements, to what 22nd-century living will entail.

In this thought-provoking journey through the timeline, we explore the different possibilities in distant decades. Will humanity create a universal currency? Are we determined to self-destruct? Could the world be taken over by advanced robots? These are just some of the questions we explore in 2120.

To draw a picture of what the distant future could be like, we look at the past and present. In futurology, to see how the future could be, we have to examine History and the present time.

Dark Strives And Full Moon Vibes (2020)

For those who feel they are on the verge of giving up, alone in a dark and cruel world. To those who love, but are not loved. We look to others for comfort, but they too are lost and confused. In Dark Strives and Full Moon Vibes, comfort can be found when a light is shined in dark places.

45 poems from both loving and happy places to dark ones are presented in this collection. We have all experienced both of these places in our lives. Most of us pick ourselves up and keep on surviving in this unforgiving world, others choose not to.

Terrifying Nights (2019)

Imagine waking up and finding yourself completely paralyzed, overcome with fear you immediately began to freak out and start to question the cause for such a horrifying situation. It’s a condition known as sleep paralysis. Taking a look at myths, dreams, and astral projection we discuss well-known and not-so-well-known connections to this terrifying experience.

Explore sleep paralysis from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective in Terrifying Nights, to those who have no idea, this concept is horrifying at best. Based on 20 years of experience and many years of research involving this phenomenon, an easy understanding of the subject can be gained in a short amount of time in this book discussing those experiences and research.

Voices of the Dead (2016)

Have you ever wondered how one could enter the field of paranormal research? Paranormal researchers Jacob James and Laura Rose take you on a journey into the world of paranormal research and investigation in this eerie guide to the unseen world of electronic voice phenomenon and other essential aspects of investigating paranormal activity.

In their first book, based on their research and investigation results, Jacob and Laura discuss aspects of field investigations and collecting unexplained audio recordings, among many other investigation techniques.

Along the way, in their exploration of the supernatural, the authors pass down their experiences in the field. Still, most importantly, in this book, the key elements are to teach others who are interested in the paranormal field how to get started in collecting audio evidence of the afterlife.

Fearing Death (2015)

In this chilling essay, the most feared subject in the world is discussed. While it is the most normal part of life, it remains to be the most feared. Billions around the world try to avoid it at all costs, but in the end, there is no escaping the reality of death.