Mystery9: 2023 And Beyond

In 2023, Mystery9 hopes to return to the world of paranormal investigations for the first time since our paranormal investigation team (NFMT) and our media outlet (Mystery 9 Media) merged and rebranded as Mystery9 in early 2022. We hope to have an innovative role in paranormal research and an all-new approach to conducting paranormal expeditions. 

We still need to get a complete picture of what Mystery9 may look like throughout 2023, but some projects and paranormal expeditions are on the to-do list. 

When we do relaunch paranormal expeditions, they won't be structured after traditional paranormal investigations that we feel are outdated and ineffective. 

The paranormal field has seen advances in technology, but that's where it ends. We haven't evolved our techniques or even too much of our thinking regarding how we approach the idea of the paranormal. Nowadays, paranormal investigators are more focused on scientific equipment that does nothing to prove or explain anything.

After 12 years of paranormal exploration as NFMT, we have learned that paranormal investigations on their own as they are prove nothing. explains nothing. we will now focus more on the experience of having a paranormal experience moving forward regarding any paranormal research we may conduct.

It's this realization, that led us to rebrand as Mystery9 and restructure our paranormal exploration.

Along with restructuring our paranormal expeditions, we look forward to offering up all new content this year for Mystery9 readers.

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