Why The Rise In UFO Sightings?

A quick news search reveals a significant rise in UFO sightings. Are we getting closer to contact with extraterrestrial life forms?

It's always been an age-old question of whether we are alone, but the universe is so massively endless, and the Earth is so small in comparison that it seems impossible to be alone.

Let's say that there is intelligent life outside of Earth and one day we confirm this to be accurate, this would no doubt raise more questions than we could ever dream of answering.

It's easy to believe and even understand that there could be other forms of intelligent life far, far away from the eyes of Earth. However, we should ask ourselves what or who exists in the great beyond and how they compare to us in regards to societal structure, technology, appearance, and so much more.

If we do confirm that other life forms exist, would we even be able to communicate with them or only know enough to confirm their existence? If some life form from a faraway planet makes it to Earth, we will no doubt have sightings of these crafts as they come in and out of our atmosphere. Any unknown species may be centuries ahead of mankind in their technology and therefore could somehow be invisible to our radar systems.  

In the past few years, there has been an increase in UFO reports over the skies of Earth. Some are eventually explained while others remain unsolved.      

Mankind could discover other life forms anytime or not at all. Perhaps we have already discovered them but the powers that be believes it's best to keep the truth under wraps. 

Until we know, we have to live with the possibility of never knowing if we are truly alone in the universe.

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