Mystery9: 2022 In Review

Look back at some of the topics we explored this past year in Mystery9: 2022 In Review.

The Eerie Realm of Dybbuk Boxes

Originally published: January 23, 2022

In the paranormal world, there is one subject that stands out, Dybbuk boxes.

What are dybbuk boxes?

A dybbuk box is a wooden box often sealed with wax that is believed to house a trapped spirit, and opening or unsealing it could lead to unwanted paranormal activity or other odd occurrences occurring in your life. Some cultures and belief systems tell of a possessive spirit and whoever dares to open the box risk being possessed. In other beliefs, the spirit is evil or negative and seeks to cause misfortunes to the box's owner. continue reading

Top 9 Odd Roadside Attractions

Originally published: February 22, 2022

Many seek out Mysterious roadside attractions on a trip. Tourists will be amazed by the incredible sights that they witness. Get to know the local lore and stories behind the attractions as well. That might win over friends and give people a good story to tell later. Take plenty of pictures and learn more about what trips will come along. The people want to see the Mysterious roadside attractions on their own. That is part of the adventure and will bring in plenty of new tourists. Many states make money off of the Mysterious roadside attractions thanks to tourists.

1. World's Largest Dinosaur

Standing 86 ft tall, this fiberglass and steel T-rex model is sure to be picture-worthy for those who drive by it in the Town of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. continue reading

What Would First Contact Mean For Us?

Originally published: February 24, 2022

It is clear that the earth is being visited by extraterrestrial lifeforms on a regular basis. But what would official first contact mean for us as a species and how would it affect us going forward?

Our world as we perceive it is generally straightforward. We have plans and goals as individuals, then there are the rules and ambitions for us as a species. Ultimately, there is a plan for us, to exist, evolve, and further our understanding of everything as far as we know it. Pretty simple. But what if that natural evolution was taken from our hands, and a more highly evolved species decided to intervene, for reasons unknown to us. continue reading

Mythology of The Jersey Devil

Originally published: March 02, 2022

The Jersey Devil is the legendary creature that according to folklore lives in an old abandoned mine, near an area of the Pine Barrens known as "Pines of the Sky", or sometimes "Jersey Devil's Den" and according to another belief, it has been found. There are seven other legends about the creature, but New Jersey is known for the "Jersey Devil".

The Jersey Devil is a very large flying humanoid with bat-like wings. It has a dog-like face with red glowing eyes. Its sharp claws are often depicted with talons. It is said to have a blood-red body and wings. Some say that it has been seen as blue in some parts of the state. It is said to have a pig-like face. continue reading

The Mysterious Lone Woman

Originally published: March 17, 2022

In 1853, A native American woman was discovered living alone on San Nicolas Island off the coast of California. The search for the mysterious woman has been ongoing due to rumors and evidence found by other explorers that suggest the island may not be deserted. 

While on an exploratory search of the Island, explorers discovered footprints on the beach that led to a hut made of whale bones and scraps from the island. In front of the hut, they found a naive woman preparing food. The woman appeared to be in her 50s and wearing a dress made of feathers. continue reading

Top 9 Ways To Survive The Apocalypse

Originally published: March 21, 2022

To remain alive after an event involving destruction at a catastrophic scale, you have to anticipate and prepare to make yourself ready for the grueling conditions of its aftermath. An apocalyptic event is something that we can neither predict nor control and the reason why even the richest of the rich prepare for it. While you may not be able to afford to purchase a unit in the Oppidum complex in the Czech Republic or secure a vast estate in New Zealand, there are certain things that you can do so that you can keep on going during and after the apocalypse.

Here are the top 9 ways to survive the apocalypse:

1. Acquire the Necessary Survival Skills

Learning the abilities to forage, farm, hunt, trap, and fish to acquire food are just among the simplest skills that you need to master to prepare for the apocalypse but it doesn’t end there. It is also highly necessary to acquire first aid skills, mechanical skills, and even building fires from scratch to ensure that you’re prepared for all types of unforeseeable scenarios. continue reading

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