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Top 9 Weird Things To Know


Sometimes the world around us will have our minds racing to find logical answers to things that don't seem to fit into our idea of what is or isn't normal or what does or doesn't make sense. Below are the top 9 weird things to know.

1. Hot Water Can Freeze Before Cold Water:

It sounds weird, but research suggests that under certain circumstances hot water will freeze quicker than luck warm water. Perhaps the understanding can be found within thermal physics.

2. Blood Types Have Been Known Change:

Although rare, This is possible. Bone marrow transplants and some infections have been known to alter a person's blood type. This may have something to do with blood being made of proteins.

3. An Elevator Can Change A Person's Scaled Weight:

If you were to weigh yourself while riding an elevator you may notice a significant difference in the readings going up compared to going down. The scale would give a higher reading upward and a lower reading downward. Making it appear that the rider is heavier going up and light coming down.

4. The Mona Lisa Once Had Eyebrows:

Not only did Leonardo da Vinci paint the world's most famous painting "The Mona Lisa" but he painted her with eyebrows. However, even a grand masterpiece isn't safe from the effects of time and erosion. Erosion is likely due to excessive cleaning.

5. Women Blink Nearly Twice As Much As Men:

If you’ve noticed this, you’re not imagining it. According to research data, women blink nearly twice as much as men: The average woman blinks over 15 times a minute, while the average man blinks just over 11.

6. Some People Are Allergic To Water:

It’s called aquagenic urticaria, a rare condition that causes a person to break out in painful hives if they come in contact with water. It’s believed to be hypersensitivity of the immune system.

7. Cats And Dogs Are Color Blind:

Don’t let their eyes deceive you. Most mammals, including cats and dogs, are color blind. They see only in shades of gray. Along with being color blind both have excellent night vision.

8. Fingerprints Can Identify A Deceased Person For Weeks:

Fingerprints can stick around for some time after a person dies, this fact can help medical examiners identify john and jane does. Also, it's believed that fingerprints are among one of the last things to decompose from a corpse.


9. Dolphins Don't Fully Sleep:

When Dolphins call it a night, they do so half asleep, half awake. Even keeping one eye open. This is to help keep alert for dangers and to be conscious of when it's time to surface for air.



These are just some of the weird or odd things to know in science. People always seem to set out to prove that the people who discovered these things were weird, but it just goes to show that there’s a lot more about our world to learn.