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Top 9 Ways To Survive The Apocalypse

To remain alive after an event involving destruction at a catastrophic scale, you have to anticipate and prepare to make yourself ready for the grueling conditions of its aftermath. An apocalyptic event is something that we can neither predict nor control and the reason why even the richest of the rich prepare for it. While you may not be able to afford to purchase a unit in the Oppidum complex in the Czech Republic or secure a vast estate in New Zealand, there are certain things that you can do so that you can keep on going during and after the apocalypse.

Here are the top 9 ways to survive the apocalypse:

1. Acquire the Necessary Survival Skills

Learning the abilities to forage, farm, hunt, trap, and fish to acquire food are just among the simplest skills that you need to master to prepare for the apocalypse but it doesn’t end there. It is also highly necessary to acquire first aid skills, mechanical skills, and even building fires from scratch to ensure that you’re prepared for all types of unforeseeable scenarios.

2. Ensure Drinking Water

Invest in portable water purification pumps as well as artificial distillation systems that can effectively purify even heavily polluted water. The method of boiling, UV purification, or using iodine and chlorine tablets to purify water can work but these are not the lasting solutions that you can always rely on in surviving the apocalypse.

3. Stock Up Foods

Aside from stocking up canned fruits, vegetables, soups, and meats that can last up to five years, you can also pile honey, uncooked rice, powdered milk, dried beans, and energy bars into your bunker. Just make sure that you seal them properly and that they are stored correctly to have a lasting supply for the indefinite period of the apocalypse or its aftermath.

4. Plan your Shelter

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a bunker where they can take shelter and keep safe during the apocalypse. In your spare time, make it a point that you check a countryside or rural region that’s nearest to your location so that you’ll have a contingent shelter plan in the event of an apocalypse.

5. Clothing

Boots, thick wool socks, and multi-pocketed clothing are the most important items that you should already have in your bunker. If you don’t have a bunker, make sure that you have these items in your survival backpack which is ready at all times. The right clothing prepared in your survival backpack is very important as it helps ensure your protection from elements and other things that could harm you during the apocalypse.

6. Generate Electricity

Electricity is important to keep the lights on and to keep your electronics running. The best way to ensure power for a long period is to generate it on your own using a car alternator, wind turbine, or solar panels.

7. Prepare a Working Communication System

Humans thrive on connection and it is the reason why building a communication system is highly important for your survival. A satellite phone, shortwave radio, GMRS/FRS Radios are the most effective electronic devices that keep you in contact with your loved ones and the rest of the world.

8. Store Supplies

Aside from water, food, and clothing, there are also other important supplies that you need to gather in your bunker or prepared in your survival backpack. Batteries, flashlights, lighters, matches, glow sticks, ropes, maps, markers, and knives are among the important necessities that will definitely come in handy when it comes to surviving the apocalypse.

9. Survival Fitness

When the apocalypse hits, you have to be fit to survive and the best time to start your survival fitness is now. Cardio exercises such as walking, hiking, running, biking, and swimming will help build your endurance allowing you to remain active for a longer period.