Mythology of The Jersey Devil


The Jersey Devil is the legendary creature that according to folklore lives in an old abandoned mine, near an area of the Pine Barrens known as "Pines of the Sky", or sometimes "Jersey Devil's Den" and according to another belief, it has been found. There are seven other legends about the creature, but New Jersey is known for the "Jersey Devil".

The Jersey Devil is a very large flying humanoid with bat-like wings. It has a dog-like face with red glowing eyes. Its sharp claws are often depicted with talons. It is said to have a blood-red body and wings. Some say that it has been seen as blue in some parts of the state. It is said to have a pig-like face. 

Some have claimed the Jersey Devil has a saddle on its back, others say it has a horse-like head. The creature's color is described as anything from bright red to blue, and even blackish with greenish highlights. It is said to scare people by whinnying like a horse and snorting like a bull. It is told that the Jersey Devil can imitate any sound and cry like an infant.

It has been seen in many shapes and sizes. It is said to have black eyes, a face of horrendous pain, glowing red eyes, a horse-like head, bat-like wings, and even a pig-like face.

The Jersey Devil is portrayed as the spawn of Satan and one or more local women. Sometimes it is substituted for the old English myth of the Black Shuck, who terrorized East Anglia in the days before electric lighting was common.

The creature is said to have a long pointy tail and sharp claws. The Jersey Devil is often seen flying, but when it lands, the ground feels cold. It may kill small animals and steal livestock. When the smell of its footprints is detected, the monster may vanish for a few days or weeks. This can cause panic in people who see it. It also takes eggs from chickens, as well as cows and horses as young as 8-9 months old; this startled people in New Jersey in 1939.

The creature has been sighted on the Jersey Shore, and at Pines Point in Cape May County. There are a couple of legends about the origin of the monster. One claims that it belongs to an old Dutchman's family.

The Jersey Devil legend is said to live in an abandoned mine on the west bank of the Pines of the Sky in the Pine Barrens. The mine is believed to be located near a place called Pines Point, in Cape May County. It has been spotted near Dorchester State Park, Oakhurst, and a few others.

Many people have claimed that they have seen it, but some say that it does not exist. The fact that it is so popular shows how people want to believe in certain myths. Some think that the Legend of the Jersey Devil may have originated just to be a scary story.