What Would First Contact Mean For Us?


It is clear that the earth is being visited by extraterrestrial lifeforms on a regular basis. But what would official first contact mean for us as a species and how would it affect us going forward?

Our world as we perceive it is generally straightforward. We have plans and goals as individuals, then there are the rules and ambitions for us as a species. Ultimately, there is a plan for us, to exist, evolve, and further our understanding of everything as far as we know it. Pretty simple. But what if that natural evolution was taken from our hands, and a more highly evolved species decided to intervene, for reasons unknown to us. 

Most importantly, alien life making official and worldwide contact would mean that there is in fact a higher purpose out there, that we are no longer just humans existing and going about our lives.

By their mere presence, aliens would suggest a higher order to things, a universal truth that we didn’t get the memo for until now. An intergalactic understanding that precedes our history and changes absolutely everything.

  • Everything would come to a grinding halt. Would you go to work when there are UFOs hanging over the sky in every major city in the world? I know I wouldn’t. The world would stop, people would lose focus and turn their heads from work to wonder. People would instantly question their worth, their humanity, and their purpose. Our generally functioning planet would very quickly change and everything that we’re used to having access to, like food, amazon deliveries, and the most basic of necessities would instantly become a national emergency.
  • Governments will no longer be the authority on everything ad infinitum. There will be a new organization in town that people will want to listen to. This would likely throw the world into utter chaos. For a while at least. The world powers would instantly lose control over the masses, as people decide for themselves, what existence means to them.
  • Religion would be questioned at its deepest level. Would these visitors be able to answer our long-held yearning to know of our true creation? Would this change every single foundation, or would it confirm some beliefs that higher entities assisted us in ancient times, that beings visited us and assisted us before the modern-day? A final and certain answer would certainly cause a lot of soul searching and phycological shifts.
  • The conflict would instantly cease. What’s the point in fighting over borders and oil if that no longer applies? Intergalactic travel and new fuel sources have just exploded into the atmosphere and realizing that we are all the same species, now with a much bigger threat to consider, would unify us in a way that has never happened before. However, would our visitors pose cause for concern?

So, what would first contact mean for us as a species? It would bring a whole lot of worldwide disruption, existential crisis, and division. Those who embrace it and those who are threatened by it. 

I suppose this is exactly why, if any highly evolved species is considering contacting earth officially, they have a whole lot of planning to do to make sure we don’t just implode from everything we’ve ever known being completely and utterly useless.  

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