Top 9 Predictions for Future Technology


While the tech industry advances exponentially, only the most innovative and popular devices have been able to stand the test of time. Still, some truly incredible inventions may not be available yet, but in the next 10 years, we can expect to see them become more mainstream than ever before. Here is a top 9 list of future tech and devices that you can expect to see within the next decade.

1. Autonomous Automobiles

Autonomous automobiles are here. Many people have heard of Google’s self-driving car, but not everyone knows that several companies now manufacture driverless vehicles—with features that include self-parking, lane-maintaining cruise control, and pre-collision braking. As with many technologies, autonomous cars will be expensive at first (price tags are already hovering around $100,000), but they’ll quickly become more affordable as they become mass-produced. A few years from now, it might not seem strange for a vehicle to drive itself all day while its owner is at work.

2. Quantum Computers

These truly functional quantum computers could be a million times more powerful than today’s supercomputers, according to Gerald Sussman, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. A quantum computer would process information at subatomic levels of energy—think basic atoms and molecules—instead of bits that exist in either 1 or 0 states. Theoretically, they’d also be able to conduct far more simultaneous computations than current machines. (see Moore’s Law) Quantum computers have been found only in theory so far, but technology companies like IBM and Google have worked toward creating them for public use.

3. Genetic Predictions

Within a decade, many of us will have DNA reports that predict our risk for illnesses and conditions, as well as recommend lifestyle changes. This information might be life-saving—or it might not. Regardless, it will become increasingly difficult to keep our genetic information private as we divulge more and more of ourselves online. Luckily, by then, perhaps there will be a widespread acceptance of using technology to improve our health. The data collected through these tests could also lead to big advances in personalized medicine, one step closer toward preventing disease before it starts.

4. Touch-sensitive Clothes

Manufacturers will make your clothes with touch-sensitive fibers, so you’ll be able to monitor your heart rate or change channels on your TV without having to take off your gloves. Like pretty much all real tech we have today, these clothes will probably initially be a luxury item worn by early adopters and then filter down.

5. Blockchain Tech

The blockchain remains a record of every transaction that ever took place, offering a nearly unhackable financial record. It’s a worldwide public ledger: if an individual attempt to hack it, people would notice and stop their activities on the network. That decentralization makes blockchain technology so exciting. The chain, we made it up of blocks that record each transaction. The transaction data can include almost anything, but typically it includes one or more public keys (which identifies who owns what), an amount of currency, and information about who was involved in making or getting that transaction.

6. Graphene

This sci-fi material has been gotten compared to being stronger than steel and as light as a feather. Imagine what our phones, tablets, and other devices would be like if we could make them out of graphene! This material has already been mass-produced for a small range of uses, such as touch sensors and rubber, but expect to see it in full production within five years.

7. Intelligent Connected Homes

Your home will be intelligent enough to understand your schedule and habits. Your home will automatically start your coffee maker and turn on all of your lights at 6 a.m, just like you always do every morning. Everything will get linked, from security systems to lights, thermostats, doors, appliances, and even flowers that grow on their own and soon it won’t only be about controlling things; we will have a great deal of control over what things look like as well. 

8. Bio-chips/Microchips

A bio-chip or micro-chip is a device containing a miniature sensor, transducer, or transmitter that allows bodily functions and biometric data to get electronically monitored. Some of these devices have already gotten tested on humans, and others are being tested as we speak. What they all have in common is that they integrate with our bodies and collect huge amounts of information about us.

9. Intelligent Tattoos

With most of our bodies covered, why shouldn’t we access tech from it? Intelligent tattoos aren’t just for your skin: Imagine a day when wearable tech gets embedded into necklaces, earrings, and even accessories (like rings and watches) we already wear. Our bodies are our biggest canvases.

Final Thought

New technology is growing rapidly and we expect real growth in the technology and devices of the future. People will be able to use some of the technologies listed above to run their businesses and grow the economy. So it's necessary to look at some technologies that might suit your future needs.

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