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Top 9 Odd Roadside Attractions


Many seek out Mysterious roadside attractions on a trip. Tourists will be amazed by the incredible sights that they witness. Get to know the local lore and stories behind the attractions as well. That might win over friends and give people a good story to tell later. Take plenty of pictures and learn more about what trips will come along. The people want to see the Mysterious roadside attractions on their own. That is part of the adventure and will bring in plenty of new tourists. Many states make money off of the Mysterious roadside attractions thanks to tourists.

1. World's Largest Dinosaur

Standing 86 ft tall, this fiberglass and steel T-rex model is sure to be picture-worthy for those who drive by it in the Town of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.


2. Muffler Men

This is a roadside attraction that you may stumble upon regardless of where you are traveling. Muffler men are large fiberglass sculptures that stand 18–25 ft tall. They are used as a means of advertising and as works of art.

3. Coral Castle

Built by Edward Leedskalnin in Florida, this stone structure has become a thing of myth and legend, mostly due to it only being built by one man and he didn't allow others to watch as he worked. It now stands as a museum open to the public.

4. Ave Maria Grotto 

Come to Alabama to see the Ave Maria Grotto. The miniature works have definitely attracted people so far. The tourist attraction was the handiwork of some Benedictine monks. But many will have questions about the meaning of Mysterious roadside attractions. The Ave Maria Grotto is a good starting place for those in the know. They can take photos and ask questions at the location.

5. London Bridge 

Few would expect to see London Bridge in Arizona. But the old bridge was falling apart, so a wealthy donor decided to buy it. He removed it and put it in a city in Arizona. That is an odd item, but well worth a look because of the architecture. The bridge formerly crossed the Thames.

6. Skunk Ape Research Lab 

Florida is home to its own Bigfoot mythology. None would suspect that researchers are waiting to find the creature. The Skunk Ape is local lore with the people of the area. The Bigfoot creature has been spotted a few times. But the lab hopes to find concrete proof of the Skunk Ape.

7. Fountain of Youth 

Delaware is the last place where people would normally find a Fountain of Youth. There is a gazebo that marks the original location. It was built back in 1937 and continues to bring in people. But the fountain has actually dried up since then too. There is also a fountain of youth in St. Augustine, Florida.


8. World's Largest Santa 

The 42-foot statue is certainly a roadside attraction. Some wonder why the giant Santa is standing there. But Alaska is quite cold and people want to enjoy the holiday season. The imposing figure has wowed people who arrive on the spot. Find the statue situated just east of Fairbanks. It greets tourists and makes the trip worthwhile. Take photos and enjoy the holiday spirit with the Santa statue.

9. The Georgia Guidestones

Erected in 1979 in Elbert, Georgia, the Georgia Guidestones inscribe ten basic guidelines for humanity to follow in eight languages. The Guidestones and their origins have spawned numerous conspiracy theories and gained widespread attention and therefore are considered a popular roadside attraction for passing motorists.