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Top 9 Most Mysterious Encounters

There are countless unexplained mysteries in the world, but some of the most intriguing ones have been documented by various reputable sources. In this article, we will be discussing nine mysterious encounters that have taken place over the years. These are encounters that have confounded or challenged our understanding of nature as a whole and present some of the most perplexing cases conceivable.
Below are the 9 most mysterious encounters ever reported.

1. Bigfoot Sighting Becomes A Historic Legend

In 1967, While walking in a Northern California wilderness, Two friends crossed pathways with what they claimed was a large ape-like creature that walked upright like a man. One of the men begin filming the creature fleeing, this film would become known as the Patterson–Gimlin film. It would later go on to be one of the most analyzed and debated encounters of all time.

2. The Enfield poltergeist

In the summer of 1977, a family living in Enfield, London reported that they were experiencing paranormal activity in their home. There were reports of objects moving on their own, loud unexplained sounds, and levitation. Like many other similar experiences of the time, this case was met with widespread attention, skepticism, and belief.

3. 2016 Clown sightings

In more recent memory are the 2016 clown sightings, where clowns were photographed or filmed in odd places at odd times doing odd and sometimes scary things. This would become an international trend and cause a negative societal reaction.


4. The River Lea Monster

In 2011, reports of a large river monster living under the waters of River Lea in London began to surface online. Claims from eyewitnesses alleged that a large creature was inhabiting River lea and that it has pulled land mammals under the water.


5. A Haunting In Amityville Long Island

In the winter of 1975, a family of five moved into their new home in Amityville Long Island, only to flee within a month claiming to have been traumatized by dark and evil supernatural forces. This case would become the most famous paranormal experience to ever be reported. It would later be adapted across multiple forms of media such as print, documentaries, and a motion picture franchise.       

6. The Mothman

On November 16, 1966, A local newspaper reported in Point Pleasant West Virginia that a couple had witnessed a man-sized bird. Soon afterward other people started to report similar sightings in the area and other media outlets begin to pick up the story, causing it to become a legend.

7. Alien Abduction In Snowflake

On the night of November 5, 1975, A seven men work crew driving through Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest by Snowflake, Arizona saw a glowing light in the distance, as they approached the light they noticed it was a hovering object. Coming to a stop, One of the men (Travis Walton) got out for a better look, he was stunned by the object and taken onboard. Travis would be missing for five days, and his co-workers became suspects in his disappearance. This is often regarded as the most documented and believed alien abduction case ever reported, Likely due to the numerous witnesses that have maintained their stories since it happened.


8. The Pascagoula Abduction

In 1973, two friends were fishing along the side of a river in Pascagoula, Mississippi, when they noticed a bright light in the sky. The friends claimed to have been paralyzed and abducted by the strange object. Later while under hypnosis, they recounted undergoing nightmarish experiences while onboard.

9. The Phoenix Lights

On March 13, 1997, A mass UFO sighting occurred across Arizona, Nevada, and Sonora, Mexico. The sighting started at around 7:30 PM when a formation of unidentified moving lights appeared in the sky. The sighting lasted for three hours and was witnessed by thousands of people.

There are literally thousands of these types of encounters reported each year. And although some will claim the majority are hoaxes and others have simple misunderstandings, the fact remains that there is a significant amount of evidence to suggest that something strange is actually going on. While we may never be able to prove that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet, at least we can try to figure out what they might want here.