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Ghost Ships of The Sea

In a mysterious world, such as the one we live in, there are many mythical stories regarding paranormal activities and strange happenings. Many of these incidental experiences are reported by anglers, sailors, and things of that nature. According to reporting victims of these paranormal incidents, there have been sightings of strange ships which victims describe as seeing something instantly materialize into their reality like a ship in the center of the sea, which quickly disappears after viewing. This is unusually considered bad luck or some sense of a bad omen. However, there is more to these paranormal, strange, metaphysical appearances. Sufferers of these occasions have also announced that they have also been witnesses of seeing ships suffering from abandonment floating in desolated areas covered in dangerous ghostliness and ware from its past circumstances. Ironically, many of these ships have been battleships from years of the past when marine men and women made their mark as legends. Nowadays, a select few haunted ships remain feared and entice demise when travelers find themselves in specific routes. Here are 10 of the top strangest paranormal encounters ever reported.

The Caleuche

The story of the caleuche is a story that has been passed down through years of history from generation to generation. Its origin stems from the legends of Chilota mythology. The ship is characterized as a ship with ghostly features and its tendency to appear every dusk in an area near Chiloe island.

The SS Valencia

In the year 1906, due to severe weather, the SS Valencia sunk dramatically coming off Vancouver, BC near the coast. The storm was a pass on from Cape Mendocino that night and the ship failed to survive. Shortly after that incident, the SS Valencia became a topic of discussion whenever stories of mysterious ghost ships were brought up.

The Ourang Medan

In 1947, two ships from America were heading to a rescue mission during their pass through the Strait of Malacca. There was a call from the Ourang Medan regarding a crewmember that was communicating death to himself and every passenger on the ship.

The Carroll A. Deering

This ship was known for its travel in the dangerous Diamond Shoals of Cape Hatteras. In 1921, in the state of North Carolina, this ship was reported as stuck for various days before the arrival of the mighty rescue team. With the realization of missing products and equipment on the ship, also taking note that other ships have been mysteriously disappearing during that same time, investigators concluded that pirates were new.

The Baychimo

In 1920, the Baychimo was known for being trapped in Alaska near a large pack-ice. After abandonment by the company, the ship remained trapped for 38 years. However, with its bizarre ghostly nature still in effect, the ship has been reported drifting in the waters off Alaska very erratically.

The Octavius

Becoming a legend in the year 1775, the Octavius ship was discovered by a very well-put-together ship called the Herald. Members of the Herald ship have reported seeing the Octavius floating erratically near the coast of Greenland carrying the frozen dead bodies of all their crew members. They have even reported sightings of the captain still seated at his desk logging and entry from the year 1762.

The Joyita

South Pacific, 1955, a ship by the name of the Joyita is spotted abandoned with bloody bandages and doctor bags laying around. Air search teams seek to find the ship, however, it's spotted by a merchant ship drifting away approximately 600 miles away from its first location. No one knows what took place on the ship to this day due to there not being a crew member in sight.

The Lady Lovibond

A story about love and jealousy as well as rage is the epitome of this strange ghost ship story. In 1748, a captain set sail on the Lady Lovibond ship in hopes of celebrating his wedding which happened to be a day before Valentine's day. During this travel, love got in the midst, and the captain's friend forcefully sailed the ship into the dangerous parts of the Goodwind Sands. This caused the ship to sink and everyone on board suffered death.

The Mary Celeste

Haunted and surrounded by theories of alien abduction and sea monsters, the Mary Celeste has been said to be one of the most real-life ghost stories there is. Victims of this haunted story have reported the ship being abandoned without any harm and every crew member either missing or dead due to what could be pirate attacks.

The Flying Dutchman

With the major impact caused by this ghost ship story, the other stories have no chance of matching up. The Flying Dutchman has been said by reporters, to have been seen continuing its voyage which it never completed. The story of captain Decken and his vigorous attempt to sail through the hostile weather of Cape of Good Hope has made very inspiring effects on painters, filmmakers, and authors.