The Rarest Forms of Paranormal Activity


Millions around the world either believe in supernatural occurrences or have had paranormal experiences themselves, these are just the ones willing to admit their beliefs or to tell their stories. There are probably even more people who harbor the same beliefs or have stories of paranormal encounters they prefer not to discuss for one reason or another.

However, the vast majority of those reporting paranormal experiences, are reporting the basic routine encounters that most people don't even think twice about when being told about the experience. Such as strange lights in the sky witnessed by thousands or odd sounds in a haunted house. These sorts of encounters are common whereas alien abductions or demonic possession are extremely rare.

Here, we will list some of the rarest forms of paranormal activity that have ever been reported. Some cases are so mystifying, that after decades and sometimes even centuries they refuse to go away, instead, they become a thing of legends, being passed down from one generation to the next, being transformed into campfire ghost stories.

If you can say that you have experienced anything on this list, you have had a truly strange and perhaps terrifying encounter that will most likely stick with you forever. Some forms of paranormal activity are rarer than others, while some are so rare they are never reported on or are even believed to be based on real-life experiences, but are more associated with myths or legends, but it's also widely believed every myth or legend has some bases in reality.

Full Body Apparition

Not to be confused with one of the more common experiences of seeing "shadow people" which are just glimpses of seeing a transparent dark, formless person either standing in place or moving. These aren't identifiable and are sometimes less terrifying than that of a full-body apparition.

A full-body apparition resembles a person's actual features and can sometimes be mistaken for a living person. You can often describe exactly the clothes they appear to be wearing. Ghost sightings such as these can be of a loved one who has passed or a complete stranger.

Demonic Possession

This sort of experience is as expected, the most horrifying, controversial, and debatable form of paranormal activity to have ever been reported in all of human history. Although a lot of people may appear to be or become possessed, actual demonic possession is much rarer, with many cases turning out to be a case of mental illness rather than supernatural forces.

The catholic church, demonologists, and paranormal investigators work together to determine what may or may not be a case of demonic possession, and how they should proceed with helping the possessed person. It takes special skills, training, passion, faith, and bravery to become involved in the field of demonology.


Rooted more in mythology than in reality, the myth of a banshee is a spirit of a wailing woman who appears right before somebody dies and can be heard screaming or wailing loudly. if real, this would be a terrifying spirit and is probably considered a grim reaper in some cultures.


Also a frightening experience, a poltergeist likes to throw things around and make a lot of noise, and actually, the term itself translates from German as "noisy ghost" or "loud spirit" and they are just that, but some have been reported to set fires and become a little violent. The causes of poltergeist activity is another widely debated paranormal subject that many people can't seem to agree on.

The presence of a poltergeist can sometimes be mistaken for demonic activity (another rare form of paranormal activity) due to the violent disturbances they are reported to cause.

Alien Abduction

Strange lights and shapes may appear in the skies every week, but being taken by an extraterrestrial craft doesn't seem to happen all that much anymore compared to the '1970s when Travis Walton claimed to be abducted and several of his co-workers witnessed the abduction and later passed polygraph tests relating to the incident, or even to 1961 when Betty and Barney Hill claimed the same fate, but this time presenting forms evidence and retelling the experience under hypnosis. There are well-known and famous cases such as these all through this time frame, and even into the 1980s and 1990s.

Alien Abductions are so rare nowadays that we still consider cases from 60 or 50 years ago to be among the most "validated" cases of alien abductions in history. People still occasionally claim to be abducted by an alien race, some stick and are believed and others fade away and aren't looked at twice, or written off as a dream. UFO sightings seem to be steady and a common type of paranormal activity.


Animal Mutilations

Another strange phenomenon that is often credited to aliens, farmers have reported finding livestock such as cows drained of any blood. Along with how the livestock was found, there seems to be some sort of decisive technique to the draining of the blood, most people seem lost regarding the odd and unexplained phenomenon.

Fortunately, this is an extremely rare occurrence as far as we can tell.

Out Of Body Experiences

The least rare paranormal activity on this shortlist is probably out of body experiences, there are only two ways a person can have an out-of-body experience or what is known as an OBE, through a near-death-experience where you briefly die but are revived or through a much less horrifying method known as astral projection. In the spiritual community, astral projections are regular practice and those who do practice their claim to visit other worlds and walk the spirit realm but offer no evidence or validation of their journeys.


One of the creepiest things that can happen is to run into yourself. That's exactly what you are dealing with when seeing a doppelganger, either of yourself or another living person who looks exactly like somebody you know, but you also know that it's not really them.

It's widely believed that we all have a doppelganger out there.



We understand this is far from a full list of rare types of paranormal activity and there is tones more rare phenomenon that occurs we have yet to find a way to explain the unlimited mysteries of the universe and most likely never will, but it's important to keep your curiosity and keep asking the big questions in life.

The world will continue to have both rare and more common types of unexplained experiences and perhaps new types of activity will pop up that we haven't heard of yet. Legends and myths are born every day, a prime example of this is probably the internet-based myth "Slender Man".

The conclusion is that there really isn't a conclusion but just more questions, who are we? where did we come from? where are we going? What is the meaning of life? What is the nature of our existence? Questions that will just lead to more questions, all with incomprehensible or non-existent answers.

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