What Lies Beneath The Depths of An Unexplored Sea?


Only about 5% of the world's oceans have been explored or discovered. It's what may or may not exist within the other 95% of the unknown that really heightens interest.

70% of the Earth's surface is the ocean, and of that 70%, we have only been able to see 5%. That leaves a large amount of the deep sea unexplored. It can keep you thinking about the unknown or the uncertain for hours when you realize that all sorts of things exist in this vast pond that we are unaware of.

What if there still exists a creature we believe to be extinct? Such as a megalodon. Some would say that's a crazy idea, and it may be, but it's also crazy to just assume something when we can only see a small fraction of something.

If we can't see what's in this other 95% of the sea, we can't really say for sure what may or may not exist or still exist. 

In the pacific ocean lies the deepest part of the ocean known as The Challenger Deep, this very deep part of the sea is a major focus point for deep-sea explorers. There are many unexplored parts of the ocean, if not in the pacific then in the Atlantic. It's just too massive for mankind to get a full understanding. Not too often do we stop and think that there could be a lot more to the things we don't see or understand. This is where most people's skepticism comes into play. 

If mysterious and unproven land animals might exist, then we can say there could be things out there in the ocean we don't yet know about. or is it safer to say that there are no doubt sea creatures, small or big residing in the deep blue? Due to the fact of only exploring about 5% of the water mass. It's often said that we know more about the surface of Mars than our own oceans.     

The Kraken might have been a legend that got started over potential sightings of giant squids in the 1180s, we didn't discover giant squids until 2004. That's one example of how a legendary or folklore creature is real. The Kraken turned out to be Giant Squids.

It's critical to human evolution to have curiosity in the many things we don't understand, rather than just seeking the simplest of explanations based on what we think we know. When asking questions or exploring the unexplored, we should always maintain an open mind and a belief in all possibilities.