Can Biorhythms Predict Your Future?

Sample Biorhythm

Is it possible to predict certain future outcomes of your life based on a mathematical cycle?

That's what the theory of  Wilhelm Fliess suggests. 

Biorhythms are a color-coded chart-based cycle showing three levels.

  • Physical (Green)
  • Emotional (Red)
  • Intellectual (Blue)

It's been debated among like-minded individuals since the first introduction in the 19th century if there is or if there should be any validation to such a theory.

We too must object to this theory, It goes on to suggest that you can calculate your future merely based on your birthday. Our birthdays are random days, and therefore everybody born on a certain day will have and live a random life. That day has no bearing on anything, at least not in any provable way. It means nothing except to those born. It becomes their personal birthday, it probably doesn't give you a clue to as what kind of life or future you may have waiting ahead.

The main premises go on to suggest that the three measured activities or functions of Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual (Often seen as Green, Red, and Blue lines in biorhythm charts) fluctuates up and down through the days, weeks, months, and years of the person's life.

If you're physical (Green) line is down, then that could indicate some form of danger to your physical well-being, and if it's up then you should not expect anything bad to happen to you and you should overall feel great physically. It plays out in a similar fashion regarding the other two measurements on the chart. (Emotional and Intellectual)

Numerous websites offer free online biorhythm generators that only require a birthday (Month/Day/Year). If chart users are to use these automatically-generated charts to potentially predict their future or at the very least predict how a certain day may go, then they are surely predicting that everybody who shares an exact birthday with them can also expect a bad or good day. However, if it is accurate in any way, then everybody who shares a birthday may have different bad or good experiences on the same day.

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