What Could Be The Cause Of The Mandela Effect?


If you've ever been in a discussion about past historical events, you may be remembering the events all wrong, this strange phenomenon is known as The Mandela Effect. This effect is an odd one, as it involves misremembering common events or details about the events or items in question. This is named after the most widely known example, Nelson Mandela, a former president of South Africa who was arrested in 1962. The idea of The Mandela Effect is that the man died back in the 1980s while in prison and that his funeral was televised for the world to see. This, however, is false, and the largest example of the effect, as he survived, and was released in 1990 before passing away in 2013. This was remembered incorrectly by countless people across the internet, but the strange phenomenon does not stop there and extends to more than historical events.

If you have ever seen Star Wars, you more than likely know of the character C-3PO. Many people have recalled that he was painted all gold, but in reality one of his legs was silver. Another movie, Snow White had people incorrectly recalling what the Queen recited to the magic mirror. Both of these examples are popular movies, so it asks the question of why it is remembered wrong on such a broad scale. One of the ways that The Mandela Effect is explained, is that our world exists alongside parallel realities, more commonly called the multiverse. If this theory is true and there are multiple realities, that would mean that in a different reality, Mandela did pass away back in the 1980s. There is another theory that holds some weight as well, such as the Mandela Effect coming into play because time travelers caused events to change, thus affecting the future. There are other offshoots of why such a phenomenon exists, attributing them to black magic, witchcraft, or even that we live in a computer simulation, but they are typically not taken seriously because they can not be tested. 

The idea of there being an alternate reality may hold some weight to it, believe it or not. It is a strange thing for a large number of people to remember pop culture names and events wrong, such as Mandela's funeral when in reality he died at least 30 years later. Is it possible that Mandela's life was preserved by the concept of time travel for some reason? One of the most popular paintings in the world even falls victim to the Mandela Effect, as people have argued that the Mona Lisa painting used to have a more pronounced smile when in reality her smile is more subtle, and in another case, an entire painting seems to have vanished from history. A famously remembered Henry the 8th painting where he's holding a turkey leg is widely remembered but there's no evidence of such a painting ever existing.    

These are just some of the many, many examples and theories regarding The Mandela Effect. Other notable examples include memories of the Monopoly man (Rich Uncle Pennybags) at one time wearing a monocle, but now he doesn't. We all are sure that it used to be Looney Toons, right? well, apparently it's not. It's actually Looney Tunes. So, it begs the question. What is the cause of this strange effect? There are probably just as many theories explaining The Mandela Effect as there are examples. So, it's very likely we may never know which theory proves right? One thing does remain a fact, weird things do happen rather we can explain them or not.