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Does A World Run By Highly Advanced A.I Exist?


It's common knowledge that our entire universe is vast and endless and with humans only being able to observe 4% of the mass, we are blind to the other 96% and therefore have no idea what does or doesn't exist or even the possibilities that may exist. 

What we consider to be high-tech devices may be very, very primitive on another planet, Let's say a planet that may reside somewhere in this other 96% in which we can't see. A planet that is 500 years ahead of us. A planet where the year could be 2520 if they have a year at all.
At one time this planet had a highly intelligent civilization that built a highly advanced artificial intelligence system (A.I) Along with advanced robots, and later perhaps they decided to integrate their powerful AI system into the bots, and for whatever reason the A.I system took over the entire world. 

Now, this might sound more like a fantasy than reality but does it? how can we say what is or isn't going on far from our safe haven here on Earth? after all, we can only see 4% of the universe and therefore can't prove or disprove any of the vast scenarios that we believe could be occurring somewhere out there. Advanced technology beyond our understanding has always been thought about. From what we have seen in science fiction movies, to the idea that a highly evolved and advanced civilization built something beyond our understanding. Believe it or not, things like this might actually exist, we have no way to prove or disprove such theories. All we can really do is look at the night's sky and wonder.  

It may be a really long time before mankind can fully find and understand the many things in the universe if we ever do at all. Most people don't get just how big the universe actually is. It redefines the meaning of vastness in so many ways. Who can say for sure what may or may not be out there in this vastness? However, if a world like this doesn't exist, we could be on the path of becoming this world in the far future as we build and code new technology like we have never seen before. Thinking about scenarios like these makes you consider the potential ramifications of advanced artificial intelligence.