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Exploring Extrasensory Perception (ESP)


Perception is one of the basic cognitive functions that represent a complex and active process of seeking, selecting, receiving, processing, organizing, and interpreting various stimuli that affect the senses and nervous system.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is an observation in which information is obtained from sources that are beyond the threshold of sensitivity of known, physical senses. This type of perception is a major factor that allows us to change our way of functioning. Who wants to change in a positive direction should improve the extra-sensory perception, which has been known in the East for centuries. That is why there is meditation, yoga, zen, and many other disciplines.

At least once in your life, you have experienced the moment when a feeling tells you not to do something or to do something. Or, amid a bad period of life, you felt peace, as if someone had told you that everything would be okay even though there were no indications. This is known in expert circles as extrasensory perception or sometimes referred to as "the 6th sense".

The main features of extrasensory phenomena are:

  1. Telepathy
  2. Clairvoyance
  3. Precognition
  4. Telekinesis

Telepathy - the transmission of thoughts at a distance

Telepathy is a basic and central phenomenon in the science of extra-sensory feelings because many other phenomena can be reduced to it.

This phenomenon still belongs to parapsychology, that is, of a pseudo-science nature, but its existence has not yet been scientifically proven. Telepathy can be defined as communication without the use of the senses or using the sixth sense. Mostly it's a spontaneous transmission of thoughts and feelings.

If two close people develop a strong, inexplicable telepathic connection, their closeness is optional when it comes to communicating thoughts between the two.

The dose of telepathy varies from person to person, in some it is frequent, it only sometimes happens, but perhaps we can say that the highest dose of telepathy is possessed by dogs. Although they do not understand our speech or our movements, they simply feel us.

Is it possible to develop telepathy and raise it to a higher level? We will leave this question to scientists, in the hope that scientific research will make this phenomenon scientifically proven and no longer part of parapsychology.

Clairvoyance - the ability to get environmental information without the use of sensory organs:

Two types of clairvoyance can generally be distinguished:

Active clairvoyance - a specially endowed individual travels to the higher realms of existence and gathers the information he needs; 

Passive clairvoyance - is reduced to receiving the desired information with the help of certain beings living within higher dimensions. The passive clairvoyant is a medium that depends on its contact with the beings mentioned above. Passive clairvoyance can be very dangerous because those who practice it cannot verify the information they have received. They have to believe in the benevolence of their intangible helpers, which may not always be the case.

Truly clairvoyant people with their messages will always encourage a change of attitude towards life. They will warn about what awaits us in life, but at the same time advise us how to use it as constructively as possible for our good.

Precognition - the ability to predict future events:

Certain events cause a disturbance in time and space, and like a stone thrown into the water, send waves in all directions backward and forwards in time, so that traces of memory can be created in a person's brain by the waves of some future event.

It can be reasonably held that when we talk about the present tense, we are not talking about a point in time but the duration of consciousness, and that in different states of consciousness this duration can be extended or summarized. People with recognized media skills have clearly expressed this sense of prolonged awareness.

What is about to happen is often revealed, openly or symbolically, especially by gifted people in precognitive dreams.

Telekinesis (psychokinesis) - the ability to move objects through thought

Initiation is influenced by one's psychic or mental strength. There is also the term psychokinesis which refers to the conscious management of living organisms by psychic or mental forces. Its practical applicability would be fantastic if only to somehow confirm its existence - but there is no such confirmation for now.

If the phenomenon of telekinesis finds application in everyday life, it would greatly facilitate and enrich human life. If the psychokinetic forces were to achieve the micron motion of a particle, this would make it possible to create a system of mental control over vehicles and machines. Vehicles without a steering wheel or any other visible controls would soon appear. The same would apply to all home appliances - redundant would become a remote control, even an ordinary lighting switch would become part of history.

Will this ever be possible? Opinions differ and no one can prove their point. However, if we used simple logical reasoning, we would conclude that the prospects for the existence of psychokinesis (or any other kinase) are unrealistic because if it was possible, evolution would already be incorporated” into the living organisms with that ability.

The extrasensory perception (ESP) of each person is manifested in different ways. Someone does not own it, someone knows how to predict the future, and someone knows how to read other people's thoughts. In any case, if you have at least one of the above-mentioned skills, you should recognize it promptly, constantly develop, and improve according to available opportunities.