The Mystery Of Crop Circles


Now it is fair to say that one of the most popular explanations for these crop circles, is that UFOs have come to visit these fields during the night and have created these crop circles before leaving. Some people feel that the crop circles that the aliens have created are an attempt by the extraterrestrials to communicate with us, leaving us a message of their visit.

Human Hoax:

While there are plenty of people who believe that aliens have created the crop circles, there are others who feel that they are all just one big hoax. In fact, there has actually been evidence of some crop circles being a hoax, with people creating them for fun and to get the interest and attention of the public. Some people openly admit to creating crop circles, with some of them being done for promotional purposes. However, there is no official explanation for all of the crop circles that have happened, so not all of them can be put down to human hoaxes.


There has actually been a study used, where the results suggest that some of the crop circles in the world could actually be attributed to magnetism. This study does also suggests that around 80% of the global crop circles are down to human hoaxes, while the less creative ones could actually be down to magnetism. This is due to the shifting of the Earth's magnetic field, which causes the crops to flatten, forming a circular pattern in the field.

What Do You Think?

While there have been confessions from people, admitting to creating some of the crop circles as a hoax, there are still many that still remain unexplained. With no person coming forward to reveal that they made the crop circles themselves, it is left up to the public to form their own opinion on them.

Have we been visited by aliens, who have been trying to communicate with us in the form of crop circles?

Is it simply the shifting of the Earth's magnetic field which has caused these crop circles to appear?
Everyone is going to have a different opinion on the subject and we leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

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