The Journey To Mars

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of a visit to the red planet? Or if you just want to take a look deeper inside what is happening today about this mission, I have to say that in the next 15 years it's possible. So, let's start with some real facts about what you need to know:

Mars one has started their company to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Several missions will be completed by specially trained crews as they will depart to Mars. Of course, it's gonna be hard but they are very carefully selected and the mission will be guided by its advisers and aerospace companies. They will try to imitate every risk and difficulties that could happen on the mission.

In 2018 the crew members were selected and started the training. They will train together until 2031 when the first crew will start their journey. Of course, the demonstration mission will be launched too as they want to provide proof of concept for some of the technologies. It is planned to do this in the year 2022.
2024 is the year when they are willing to launch a communications satellite where it will be placed into Mars orbit.

In 2026 a second communications satellite and rover will be sent to Mars for transportation of the landing modules to the outpost location. It will prepare the area for cargo missions' arrival.
In the year 2029, six cargo missions will be sent to Mars with a second rover, two living units, supply units, and support units.

Then the rover will prepare the outpost one year before arrival. Just so that everything will be completely right before the crew members arrive on Mars, thin-film solars, life support units, living units. Everything that matters to support normal living conditions to survive on this windy planet.

And finally! If everything goes according to the plan, in the year 2031 the first crew will be ready for liftoff. They will start their journey to Mars. They will spend six to eight months in space before they will get to Mars, so of course, they will need some time for recovering and settling into their new environment.

And that is all you need to know about the first possible humans landing on this unfriendly and dusty planet. Send your hopes and best wishes to these brave heroes cause the future of all mankind may very well one day be in their hands.

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