Haunted Places In Saint Augustine


St. Augustine, Florida, is the oldest city in the United States. Settled by the Spanish long before the formation of the US, the city's lengthy history means it has its fair share of paranormal activity. Ghosts and haunted locations are just as prevalent there as anywhere else in the country.

Not just haunted but still in use, the St. Augustine Lighthouse is home to whispers and ghosts. During the building's construction, three girls died, and some insist their spirits still lurk within the lighthouse. Haunted tours are available for the brave and the curious.

The Spanish Military Hospital Museum is another such place. Built upon the grounds that once housed the Spanish military hospital in the 1700s, the building's location has seen its fair share of death and misery. It is little wonder that those who died in such agony would continue to roam the land as ghosts.

St. Francis Inn, an otherwise unassuming bed and breakfast, is rumored to have a ghost lurking about Room #6. Though the cause of the haunted room is unknown, plenty of guests have experienced the haunted presence firsthand.

Tolomato Cemetery, a Catholic cemetery built on the remains of a village of converted natives, is pretty much the definition of a haunted location. Though no longer an active cemetery, it remains a resting place for thousands, and guided tours are available. What one might see on such a tour is anyone's guess, but the location's haunted status is well known to locals and paranormal experts alike.

The Old Jail, as it is known, housed inmates from the late nineteenth century until the 1950s. A place of misery and despair, it is a little surprise if some of the old inmates never quite left. Tours are available during the day for those who fear the unknown, and plenty of ghost tours are available for the brave and curious.

An old city with centuries of history, St. Augustine, Florida is home to plenty of ghosts and haunted sites. Some are well known in the paranormal community, and some are more of a local flavor. Whether you want the grand tour experience or just a room to spend the night in, there is sure to be someone you're not sure is there lurking about. The living locals may be friendly, but the ones who never quite Moved On are just as eager to provide a good time to all who dare visit them.

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