The Importance Of Metaphysics


The word metaphysics was first coined by the philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC) It was found in one of his works entitled "Metaphysics," published in Alexandria, and was discovered a few hundred years after his death, from it, an entire discipline of first philosophy, called metaphysics came to be.

The word metaphysics means after physics and is concerned with looking at things that transcend physics, or nature. Around 2,500 years ago, the ancient Greeks were searching for the meaning of being and looking for absolutes that people today are attempting to do. The field of metaphysics is as necessary today as it was 2,500 years ago, in order to answer why it is, it's essential to examine the subject matter of metaphysics.

Examining Metaphysics: 

As of today, there is no agreed-upon, clear cut definition of metaphysics; what we can say, is that it is a discipline concerned with the fundamental nature of reality; it is a study of 'first principles' and the relationship of being to the universe. Metaphysics is divided into three branches, which gives a clearer picture of the study.

  • Cosmology - ( not to be confused with physical cosmology ) this examines cosmological forces that Govern the universe. A way of looking at it is that there are two God forces responsible for controlling what happens in the universe. 
  • Ontology - takes an inventory of things that exist, it's looking at the fundamental categories of being, it looks at the mind and how it is not just an entity but rather a collection of mental events. 
  • Physical theology - it is the study of religion and looking at it from a rational perspective, it helps us to understand the phenomena of God and religion. 

Why Metaphysics Is Important Today: 

Metaphysics is about exploring the different phenomena that influence reality and aims to derive a correct understanding of it, it deals in absolutes.

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