15 Psychic Abilities That Connects Us To Our Spirituality

What does it mean to have a psychic ability? First, psychic abilities are powers that a person is perceived to possess and can perform some of the most mysterious activities ever seen. Some of them include Telepathy, Psychokinesis, and Extrasensory perception (ESP), among others. Having a psychic ability means that you have some of these mystical powers that are unknown to the physical world.

1. Automatic writing

This is a psychic ability that requires someone to call upon spirits that will assist them in writing messages from the spirit realm.

2. Astral projection 

This is an ability that allows your soul (Astral body) to travel out of your body. This is achieved only through meditation and allows your spirit to travel from one place to another in the spirit world.

3. Clairaudience

This is the ability to hear beyond any human thoughts. This includes voices and messages from the spiritual world.

4. Psychic empathy

This is the ability to feel another person's emotions.

5. Retro-cognition

This is an ability to view the past without previous knowledge of the events.

6. Psychometry

This is a type of psychic ability that allows a person to see visions or emotions that are related to a certain object or place by just touching it.

7. Remote viewing

This is an ability to receive a vision related to a distant object or place without physically being there.

8. Divination

This involves getting important information from the spiritual world and relaying it to the physical world. A diviner acts as a mediator between the physical and the spiritual world.

9. Channeling

This involves channeling spirits from another world. The spirit sometimes can take over the psychic's body and relay some valid information.

10. Medium-ship

This is the ability to see, feel, or communicate with spirits and gather information from them.

11. Precognition

The ability to predict the occurrence of future events.

12. Clairvoyance

This is the ability to see things beyond human understanding. This is the most common psychic ability where you are able to see right into the future or the past. You are also able to communicate with spirits.

13. Clairgustance

This is an ability that allows you to have a taste of something even without any contact.

14. Clairsentience

This is the ability to sense the presence of something supernatural or something that doesn't feel right. It is a common phenomenon where your consciousness tells you there is something odd going on where you are, even though you cannot see it. 

15. Claircognizance

This is the ability to be able to know things even without having any idea of previous topics.

These are just a few of the psychic abilities. Most of them we tend to imagine in our minds but there have been cases of such psychic abilities taking place. From the start of recorded history, psychic abilities have been used thus showing some of the gifts of individuals on the planet. Some of the psychics even went ahead to perfect their abilities so as to save those who need their help the most. They will then reveal to them the past and the future and then explain it to them so they can gain a better understanding of the present.