The Robots and Machines of 2040


Humankind is advancing really fast. People have always been talking about "What will the world look like in the future?". It really makes you think. I will tell you one simple thing, we are already in the future! Things are going faster than ever!

From the end of World War Two, computers have evolved from big room-sized boxes to smartphones that can fit into your pocket. The computer part and manufacturing are getting cheaper and cheaper. One thing that is evolving with them is Artificial Intelligence, called "AI". AI is human-made software that is intelligent enough to think on its own and interact with people and other AIs. Robots can also be programmed with AI systems.

In the year 2040, robots will look like humans. They will speak with humans. They will make other robots. But not all robots will look like us. Only ones that will interact with us will look like us, the other will be very different. There will be micro-robots that will live in our bodies with only one purpose. That purpose is to "Repair" us. Illnesses will not be cured with medications anymore, but with microrobots. While micro-robots replace medications, human-like robots will replace doctors, psychiatrists, dentists... etc

There will be robots that look like cars, airplanes, and ships. They will operate and transport us on their own. Not only transportation will become robots but whole factories also. People will not do physical work anymore. They will become that smart, that they will build new facilities whenever there is a need for that. New supermarkets, skyscrapers, and schools will emerge in a few hours.

One of the good things is that probably, there will be no wars anymore. Robots will not let us do that. They are rational beings and the war is everything but rational. Security robots will be always watching us and controlling our behavior.

If you think that the year of 2040 is too early for that, you are making a BIG mistake! Even now, there are self-driven cars, human-like robots, factory robots. You can not imagine what all can be invented in only ten years from now.

The future is interesting but very scary. Maybe that much scary, that some of us don't even want to speak or think about it. The only thing that I want to know is "Will we be safe with them around?", not from wars and illnesses, but from them themselves.