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Understanding The Paranormal Realm


The general concept of paranormal research is often laughed at or looked at as a simple hobby for those looking for a cheap thrill, but we conduct very serious and important work. You may not see this work portrayed in paranormal reality shows, or discussed much at all outside the paranormal research field. In our case it's due to the lack of understanding regarding basic and simple research, what we do discuss must be watered down and put into simple context, This is so everybody can have a fair understanding of the research we work so hard on.

Why do paranormal researchers and investigators guard their work? Many reasons play a part in the guarding of research conducted by paranormal researchers and investigators. One of the main reasons would be to protect the identity of a private client they are in the process of helping, another reason is that some of the research conducted and concluded based on theories could get a person labeled crazy, this is why you almost always see the same thing when it comes to things like Ghosts, UFOs, Aliens, Bigfoot or any other thing in the universe that can't be understood by the human mind. We have fallen into a deep and bad habit of only wanting to release or share theories that are known to be widely accepted. (I saw a ghost, I live in a haunted house, etc) And we find ourselves becoming even more fearful of presenting new theories or evidence about the paranormal realm.

We have an unlimited amount of theories to as what a ghost may or may not be, and the same thing applies to all of the other paranormal subjects a group finds themselves researching or investigating.

Many believe that a ghost and a spirit are not the same things as so widely thought to be the case. 

A ghost is believed to be an unintelligent impression of a personality left behind by a person who has passed away. Experiences of a ghost may include smells, shadows, and sounds, but it's believed that although you can experience ghostly encounters like these, you can not interact with a ghost unlike you can with a spirit.

A spirit is what it sounds like, the intelligent soul of a person who has passed away. Experiences with spirits include all of the same encounters that come with ghosts, plus much more including being able to communicate on an intelligent level through E.V.P sessions.

Upon research, you will find that there are many theories as to as why spirits and ghosts are not the same things and why spirits feel the need to remain in certain places as well as ghosts.

On T.V shows and in the movies we see that haunted locations are often big scary motels, abandoned buildings, or old two-story houses that just look like trouble, and yes there are plenty of places like these that are in fact home to many ghosts and spirits, but not all haunted houses look like your worst nightmare. Many homes among other places look nothing like what you may see on TV or in a movie. They appear to be normal, that is until night falls and things turn weird.