Our Future In Space By 2030


It's no big secret that top scientists have been trying to figure out how to expand mankind's activity within our galaxy and even beyond the milky way. We have always thought of deep space travel or the human colonizing of other worlds to be of a science fiction nature, but how much in fiction is it really rooted?

Is it possible for us to start looking outside earth for a way that our species could survive? This is a question that has haunted so many minds for so many years. If we take a look at the more recent advancements that have come over the years, then we may see that we are well on our way to establishing more possible ways for humans to live and survive in space.

Where would we start as far as what's possible as of today? The best bet would be either the moon, Mars, or both. We are not far from having the capabilities and technology to begin a small colony on one of these rocks, but since you can't breathe on the moon or Mars, we would need a massive dome-like structure big enough to hold a fully functional city.

The odds of encountering another alien species on either our moon or mars are very small, but not impossible. If there is intelligent life in our galaxy or even in the universe itself, they could also have the same capabilities of space travel and may swing by our new home.

Will we be working on moving our species from the earth in an attempt to survive on another world? and how far will we advance within space by the year 2030?

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